How It Works

Get Predictions

With the help of our deep learning algorithms, get predictions on future card values so you can purchase card(s) with the best return.

Track Your Portfolio

Stay up to date with recent card prices and your portfolio's worth.

Stay Informed

Get the complete price history for any card listed to help you make a more optimal decision on which card(s) to invest in.

Compare Cards

You can compare cards by looking at their sales and price history.

Track ROI

See how your cards are performing and get real time value of your investment.

One-Click buy from eBay

You can directly purchase cards from ebay on one click.

AI Predictive Model

Gold Card Advisor uses advanced Deep Learning Algorithms to forecast future sports card prices. Our models can dramatically improve your return on your sports card investments by using automation to find, calculate and choose the most critical buying factors to help you maximize your profits.

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Portfolio Management

Easily add cards to your portfolio to track the value of your investment. Get daily updates on your portfolio to maximise your returns


We use Deep Learning techniques to make our predictions.

It costs 29.99 for the monthly package and 299.99 for the yearly package

You can search for a card you like and you can get a daily, weekly and monthly prediction for the price of that card

Yes. Our website supports both devices.

Right now we cover close to 200 most popular cards across MLB, NFL, MLB and NHL and we are adding more cards everyday.

We use PSA grades.